Acrylic & Oil Painting Workshops

Oil Painting Landscapes with Water, Reflection, Depth & Transparency
w/ Mike Wise

This workshop is full. Please call the gallery to sign up on the waiting list. We often fill last-minute cancellations from the waiting list. 425.697.2787

Fri-Sun / January 19-21, 2018 / 10:30-6:00pm

Landscapes come alive when water and all of its beauty is introduced into the scene. Master Impressionist Mike Wise will share his amazing techniques to create transparent water, reflective lakes and ponds with lily pads floating on the surface. You will leave energized and inspired, with a new set of tools from this excellent instructor!

Try it! Finger Painting with Acrylics
w/ Kimberly Adams

This workshop is full. Please call the gallery to sign up on the waiting list. We often fill last-minute cancellations from the waiting list. 425.697.2787

Friday / Jan 26 / 6-8:30pm

What?? Finger painting?? Yes! It’s the cool new thing! And you can Try It for yourself in our quick, fun, evening format with our awesome Fine Art Finger Painter, Kimberly Adams! If you’ve been wanting to check this out this new technique, this is your chance. For a minimal investment and maximum fun, grab a friend - or schedule a date night - and come to Edmonds for a great evening.

Painting Dramatic Night Scene Landscapes in Oil or Acrylic
w/ Andy Eccleshall

This class is full. Please call the gallery to sign up on the waiting list. We often fill last-minute cancellations from the waiting list. 425.697.2787

Sat-Sun / Jan 27-28 / 10:30-4:30pm

Moonlit skies and shining stars, soft blue hues and silvery highlights. Breathtaking! In this 2-day workshop with our beloved Andy Eccleshall, you’ll create your own nocturne painting! Sign up today – Andy’s workshops fill up quickly.

Creating Great Oil Paintings from Your Photos
w/ Kyle Paliotto

Sat-Sun / Feb 10-11 / 10:30-4:30pm

How do you create an exciting painting? Using experiences, photos, plein air compositions and sketches – how do you turn that into a work of art? We’ve invited this award-winning artist and experienced instructor to come all the way from Idaho to teach you his approach and techniques. Come and learn from a master!

Beginning Finger Painting 1-Day
w/ Kimberly Adams

This workshop is full. Please call the gallery to sign up on the waiting list. We often fill last-minute cancellations from the waiting list. 425.697.2787

Sunday / Feb 25 / 10:30-4:30pm

In this 1-day workshop, students will learn how to finger paint! Following along step-by- step, you’ll enjoy taking your painting from ordinary to extraordinary using vibrant color to enhance a cloud-dotted sky. While created for beginners to the art of finger painting fun, this workshop is also open to non-beginners who want to continue to perfect their technique. Take home your very own creation at the end of the day!

Oil Painting in The Russian Impressionist Tradition
w/ Pam Ingalls

Thursday / March 1, 2018 / 6-8pm
Fri-Sun / March 2-4, 2018 / 10:30-4:30pm

With renowned impressionist Pam Ingalls, learn to oil paint in this beautiful style of “liquid light”. Going through the basics - exploring value, color value and more - this experienced instructor is able to take you from wherever you are to the next level. All levels are very welcomed!

Intro to Oil Painting
w/ Angela Bandurka

Saturday / March 24 / 10:30-4:30pm

If you’ve never picked up a brush, or you’ve never dabbled with oil paints and want to learn the basics, here’s the perfect place to start! Angela will guide and encourage you through the basics so you can create your own beautiful oil painting. Come on – you can do it! Angela can help!

Contemporary Painting: Abstract Painting with Color, Texture and Layers w/ Tracy Felix

Sat-Sun / March 10-11 / 11-5pm

To take full advantage of acrylic painting, learn about gels, pastes and mediums and what they can do for you! Over the course of two days, Tracy will take you step by step to create SIX paintings. She will demo each technique along the way, then allow you to play. This class is designed for beginners, or even more experienced artists, who want a great overview of the versatility of acrylic painting. Lots of great techniques to inspire and unleash your unique creativity.

Try It! Finger Painting Sunflowers
w/ Kimberly Adams

Friday  / March 16 / 6-8:30pm

"Try It!" Why not? This class is a great way to try something new: finger painting – adult style!! In this 2 ½ hour class, Kimberly will guide you step by step through the process of finger painting a gorgeous vase of sunflowers. You’ll go home with your very own finger painting.  Bring a friend, a date, or just yourself for a great Friday night!

Advanced Finger Painting Workshop: “From Concept to Canvas”
w/ Kimberly Adams

This workshop is full. Please call the gallery to sign up on the waiting list. We often fill last-minute cancellations from the waiting list. 425.697.2787

2-day: Sat-Sun / Mar 17-18 / 10:30-4:30pm
3-day: Sat-Sun- Mon / Mar 17-19 / 10:30-4:30pm

This advanced workshop is open to any students that have taken a finger painting workshop with Kimberly. Students will have the choice to 1) paint along with Kimberly as she leads through detailed finger painting techniques; or 2) paint from a photo of their choice, with Kimberly there to guide composition and color selection as well as assist as needed so student will go home with a finished painting.

Try It! Fun with Acrylic Designs w/Kim Brayman

Friday / March 23 / 6-8:30pm

This is a “Try-It” class – just 2 ½ hours on a Friday night to experiment with creating designs with acrylic paints. Create two paintings using design techniques that are fun and playful. Learn a layered technique that makes your design pop! Step-by- step instructions, color help and demonstrations with a variety of designs to choose from.

Contemporary Painting: Paint a Series
w/ Tracy Felix

Saturday /  April 7 / 11-5pm

What a great idea: instead of one painting at a time, paint a group of paintings!  When you create several paintings in a session, you’ll see growth in productivity, creativity, style, cohesiveness…. And your paintings will look great grouped together! This class is focused on acrylic mixed media painting techniques which Tracy will demo throughout the day. You’ll grow and have lots of fun!

Finger Painting a Lighthouse for Beginners and Beyond
w/ Kimberly Adams

One-day: Saturday / Apr 14 / 10:30 – 4:30 pm
Two-Day: Sunday / Apr 15 / 10:30-4:30 pm

Let your fingers dance across a canvas while creating a beautiful lighthouse scene in this 1 or 2-day finger painting workshop! Talented artist and instructor Kimberly Adams will guide students through a step by step finger painting of a lighthouse. Emphasis will be painting from a photo, using color combinations to create an extraordinary painting full of spectacular color. You’ll be taking home a gorgeous painting of your very own. All levels, including beginners, will have a blast. This workshop will fill quickly, so sign up today!

Figures in their Environment in Oil or Acrylic
w/ Jennifer Diehl

Fri-Sun / April 20-22 / 10:30-4:30 pm

Painting is simply telling a story without words.  With this talented artist and gifted instructor, learn how to create beautiful figurative paintings, using the environment and the human figure to express your ideas. With simple steps, Jennifer Diehl will demonstrate how to capture people in interiors, landscapes or cityscapes in oil or acrylic painting, and you will learn how to use the human form to tell a story.

Textural Landscape Painting From Start to Finish in Oil
w/ Mike Wise

Fri-Sun / April 27-29 / 10:30-6:00pm

Learn how to capture dramatic effects of light and atmosphere using mediums and tools for textural oil painting. Students will execute landscape painting from start to finish with a focus on understanding techniques and how to use certain painting mediums. Each student will be provided with a blocked-in painting, on which they will practice finishing and layering techniques.

Some experience in oils is necessary.

The Basics & Beyond! Oil &  Acrylic Painting
w/ Angela Bandurka

5 classes / Thursdays / 5-8pm
May 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31

This 5-week series will walk you through the elements of creating a series of paintings using oil or acrylic. Plenty of images will be provided for students to work on in their own time during class, so even if a student is fast at completing their painting, they will be able to start a new one while others work at their own pace. Students will gain experience in painting the following: simple still life, landscapes, florals, and tips for adding figures to your work. 

Painting Dramatic Sunsets in Oil or Acrylic
w/ David Marty

Sat-Sun / May 19-20 / 10:30-4:30 pm

Everyone loves sunsets! There is something about sunsets that mesmerize us and draw us in. They are fun to paint but can sometimes be a challenge. David will share his approach to capturing this beautiful subject matter and its brilliant colors.

Color Theory + Color Mixing
w/ Tracy Felix

Saturday / June 2 / 11-5 pm

Color! Mysterious, wonderful Color! Having a working knowledge of how colors mix is fundamental to painting in acrylics and oils. Tracy will take out the mystery and replace it with a great understanding of pigments, through some fun exercises and cool tools, making your painting more satisfying and successful.

Advanced Finger Painting: From Concept to Creation
w/ Kimberly Adams

Two Options To Choose From:
2-day: Sat-Sun / June 2-3 / 10:30-4:30 pm
3-day: Sat-Mon / June 2-3-4 / 10:30-4:30 pm

Calling experienced finger-painters! Come and dive deeper into this wonderful technique and create a masterpiece of your very own. In this 2-day or 3-day workshop, Kimberly will teach advanced finger-painting techniques – you can paint along with her or choose your own subject matter. This is an ideal workshop if you want to paint a larger canvas or paint a more complex composition. This class sells out fast – sign up today!

Not suitable for beginners; at least one 2-day finger painting workshop with Kimberly is

From Plein Air to Studio 5-day Workshop
w/ Mike Wise

Wed–Sun / August 22-26 / 10:30-5:00 pm

Join Mike Wise in his beautiful home studio on Whidbey Island, WA for this very special five-day workshop where you will work both outdoors and in studio. Mike will teach students his wonderful methods and techniques for capturing stunning landscapes outside, then take them into the studio to finish the paintings with the help of photos taken in the field.