“Country Blues – Finger Painting A Cloud-filled Sky and Landscape” w/ Kimberly Adams

DATE/TIME: Saturday July 23 / 10:30-4:30pm

COST:  $125


In this one-day workshop, you will be painting along with finger-painter Kimberly Adams, as she shows you step by step how to paint a beautiful countryside landscape with a blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds. Perfect for beginners and anyone who has never painted with their fingers before, and a fun refresher for students who’ve been missing our finger-painting workshops. 

She will share her easy tips on how to mix color directly on the canvas and how to manipulate the paint into thick texture. You will enjoy the simplicity of this technique and find it refreshing not to use tools or brushes. In addition to painting, Kimberly will put you at ease on deciding when a painting is finished and celebrate the ‘happy accidents’ that occur – as these ‘happy accidents’ so often become the best part of the painting!  

At the end of this one day, you will be proud to take home a vibrant landscape full of color and texture that will dazzle your friends and family as you share your story about its creation.


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Canvas: 1 16x20, gallery wrapped

 Paints: Kimberly will be using Holbein Duo Aqua Oils. Holbein Regular Oil paints can also be used.  The colors marked with an asterisk [*] are specific colors of Holbein, but can be substituted with the colors as indicated below; the result might be slightly different from Kimberly’s painting.  If students want to use other brands, they should be artist quality paints.  (ARTspot carries Holbein Duo Aqua Oils at 20% off.)

  • Titanium white
  • Horizon blue* (can be substituted with any light blue)
  • Ice green
  • Yellow green
  • Pthalo green
  • Jaune brilliant (Yellow beige)
  • Lilac
  • Mauve
  • Dark Violet
  • Lemon yellow

Optional colors:

  • Yellow ochre
  • Nalples yellow
  • Cadmium green


  • Gloves and paper towels will be provided by Cole Art Studio
  • Apron or Paint Shirt.  When Kimberly paints, she gets paint everywhere!  You might too, so dress appropriately to get messy.

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