"Discovery! A Very Beginning Watercolor Experience" w/ James Farrand

Date/Time: Saturday August 29, 10:30-4:30

Cost: $125 plus $30 supply fee to instructor


The goal for this class will be to learn about, play & practice with, and create your own real-live painting using the beautiful medium called watercolor. There is so much colorful simplicity in painting with watercolor. We are going to learn when & how to get the paint to do what we want, as well as when & how to sit back and enjoy the  ride of watching this medium do its amazing and spontaneous thing.

From hands-on learning about the essential materials, to learning a wide variety of basic techniques, this class will build your skills and confidence with simple step-by-step exercises, and then apply the techniques learned to create a beautiful painting of your very own.

What you can expect to learn:

  • What are the most important supplies you’ll need to get to a confident and successful start (including paper, brushes, paints, palettes, and more) as well as how to use them
  • Basic techniques of painting wet into wet, wet on dry, dry on dry, glazing, charging color, and more
  • Intro to color theory including complementary colors, tints, shades, and values
  • How to scrub and lift paint to create interesting textures

What else to expect: A cheerful, encouraging, relaxing environment

What to wear:  clothes that can get stained

What to bring: a smile, your lunch, and your $30 which will cover all your supplies, provided by Instructor


The following supplies will be provided by the instructor for an additional $30 Supply fee:

  • 1 - 9”x12” sheet of 300lb Fluid 100 cold pressed watercolor paper 
  • 1 - 11”x14” MDF board (for mounting paper)
  • 1 -  6”x6” 140lb cold press watercolor paper block (includes 15 sheets of paper - for exercises and pratice)
  • 1 -  medium size round watercolor brush
  • 1 -  small round watercolor brush
  • 1 -  medium size hake brush for applying water to large areas
  • 1 -  small watercolor palette with all the watercolor paints you will need already squeezed into wells 
  • Paper towels, water buckets, masking tape, etc., as needed


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