"Drawing Lab 3 ~ Contrast, Composition & Style" w/ James Farrand

DATE/TIME: 4 Monday Evenings / 6-8:00 pm / Mar 13, 20, 27, Apr 3

COST: $150


We have a great Monday evening drawing series - Drawing Labs 1 and 2 and 3 - perfect for those of you whose schedules work better with evening classes. Each Drawing Lab is a 4-week course. And each course is a building block for the ones that follow, with all 12 classes providing you a great basic education on drawing.

While they work well together, each Drawing Lab is also geared to be stand-alone. So you can sign up for all 3 courses, or just take the one or two Drawing Labs that will fill in the gaps in your drawing skills.

Labs 1 and 2 have been great successes – students rave about this wonderful instructor and his relaxed and friendly, yet thorough and thoughtful style. So if you want to get in on it from the beginning, we’ll be repeating this series at least once per year. Stay tuned!

If you missed Drawing Labs 1 and 2, you can still take Drawing Lab 3!
Drawing Lab 3 is open to any/all students interested in improving their drawing skills. See the description below for more specifics about what was already covered in 1 and 2, and what will be covered in 3. If you are already familiar with what was covered in the earlier courses, and Drawing Lab 3 fits in with what you need to round out your drawing skills, come and join the fun!

Drawing Lab 1 - Students learned a variety of pencil holding, sharpening, and mark-making techniques, how to draw straight and curvilinear lines, and how to confidently and effectively approach any and every drawing.  Finally, this first course introduced small chunks of more complex techniques and concepts (e.g. measuring/transferring accurate proportions, perspective, 3D structures, composition, and more) to lay the foundations for Drawing Lab 2 and 3.

Drawing Lab 2 focused on techniques for making accurate measurements of a given object (linear perspective: diminution, vanishing point, etc), and for transferring that information to your drawing. Also how to create a variety of values (light tones, mid tones, dark tones) in a drawing and understanding how lighting and shading play critical roles in the drawing process.

Drawing Lab 3 - Contrast, Composition, and Style

Drawing Lab 3 will continue building on the foundational tools, techniques and concepts introduced and studied in Drawing Lab 1 & 2. Along with practicing and gaining confidence in skills/topics already presented (mark-making, line/edge quality, structure/form, light/shadow, eye level, diminution, vanishing points, measuring, transferring measurements to paper, shading, arranging, etc), we will begin moving away from using reference photos as source material for the drawing process, and move toward drawing directly from observable objects.

This will include still-life setups, various ‘found’ compositions, and weather permitting, maybe even a little outside drawing fun. Time will be spent on more in-depth understanding of light (center, half-tone, reflective, highlights, etc) and shadow (cast, form, core, etc) as well as various techniques to increase the range and subtleness of shading effects.

With regard to composition - we’ll focus on identifying the focal point of a drawing (ironic, I know), as well as other concepts such as the ‘rule of thirds’ coupled with leading the viewer’s eye ‘in to’ (as opposed to ‘out of’) the drawing.

In addition, students will be strongly encouraged to begin/continue identifying just what about a particular drawing and/or subject-matter that interests, attracts, and engages them. And in doing so, continue on in the never-ending journey of developing one’s own style and voice.


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  • Basic Graphite pencil, 3B or 4B (Pro Art, Staedtler Mars Lumograph, or similar)
  • 7B or 8B Pencil Staedtler Mars Lumograph (or similar Dark/Carbon drawing pencil)
  • 8B graphite woodless pencil (progresso or similar)
  • Charcoal Pencil (e.g. Faber-Castell Pitt soft/4B/natural, Generals 557 - 4B/Soft, or similar)


  • 9"x12” Drawing/Sketching Pad (Bee Paper Premium Recycled or similar)
  • 9”x12” pad of newsprint paper
  • 11”x14” Drawing/Sketching Pad (e.g. Canson Universal Sketch pad, Canson XL Drawing Pad, Bee Paper Premium Recycled, or similar)


  • Kneaded eraser (2) (e.g. General’s large grey)
  • Hard white eraser (Staedler’s ‘Mars Plastic’)


  • 11" x 14" MDF-board w/ 4 medium sized binder clips (I prefer regular office binder clips over bulldog clips)


  • Pencil Sharpener (KUM 2-step)
  • Viewcatcher viewfinder
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Small art bin for carrying your art supplies


  • Objects for drawing as well as additional lights

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