Encaustic Workshops

Renegade Encaustics: A Wax & Resin Full Day workshop
w/ Tracy Felix

Saturday / Oct 21 / 11-5 pm

Experience two new sensations: the feel of hot melted encaustic wax, and the fun of pouring some clear resin over top to create amazing lustrous shine. ARTspot owner, Tracy Felix has cooked up a totally unique class you won’t find anywhere else! You’ll get to use a smorgasbord of art supplies, learning how to build up layers of colorful wax and textures, and finish with a resin pour to make it lustrous and shiny.

You’ll leave with 2 finished projects to show your friends! All supplies are included in the $50 supply fee!

Try It! Renegade Encaustics: Beeswax & Collage
w/ Tracy Felix

Friday / Nov 10 / 6-8:30 pm

A "Try It!" class is so much fun! With just 2-1/2 hours and a small supply fee, you can try something out and see if you'd like to get into it further. Or you can use it as a great time with friends or a fun date-night!

You’ll create a wonderful painting with encaustic (melted beeswax) and collage! Tracy will bring cool papers and other “found objects” for you to use to create your collage. Your finished piece will have wax layered over your collage, and more collage layered into your wax! Great for beginners!

Try It! Renegade Encaustics: Colorful Palette w/ Tracy Felix

Two Dates To Choose From:

Friday / Feb 16 / 6-8:30 pm
Friday / Oct 12 / 6-8:30 pm

If you love color and patterns and want to learn how to create it in beautiful wax colors, this is the “Try
It!” class for you! Tracy will show you how to paint with hot, pigmented wax, layering color and creating
patterns using stencils, and you’ll finish your encaustic painting with alcohol ink to add even more color and shine! Great for all levels.

Try It! Renegade Encaustics: Designs and Color in Wax
w/ Tracy Felix

Friday / March 30 / 6:00-8:30pm

Paintings in natural wax can have such intriguing subtlety. And it’s amazingly simple and fun to create
these effects! In this class, you will get to use various tools to create designs (or “mark-making”) in your wax painting, and then add color with oil colors and finish with highlights of sparkly mica powder.