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"Good to Great with Acrylics or Oils" w/ Angela Bandurka

DATE/TIME:  6 Week Course.  September 17-October 22  Tuesday Mornings 10:30-1:30

COST:  $225

REGISTRATION:  Call in, come in, or register online.  Scroll to the bottom for online registration.  425.697.2787

LOCATION:  Cole Art Studio located on the lower level of Cole Gallery.  107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds 98020


The focus of this class is learning to to see color, light, and composition in a fresh way and applying this knowledge when critiquing your own work. Angela will show you how to see color critically, and how to effectively create values of each color whether working from life or a photograph. We’ll also dive in to the complexities of composition and how to use it to create a unique perspective and avoid common pitfalls. The last class will end with a critique of the work created in the workshop. 

No matter what your level in acrylics or oils, Angela will help advance your paintings skills to the next level in this wonderful 6 week course. Not only will you be a better painter at the end of it, but you'll have a blast as well!  Come experience why so many people love Angela!


You can pick up all your great art supplies at ARTspot in Edmonds just blocks from Cole Gallery.  Registered Cole Art Studio students will receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies.  Make sure to pick up your 10% off slip at Cole Gallery's front desk.
Artspot's Web Site 

Acrylic or Oil paint: 

Titanium White

Primary Blue or Cobalt Blue

Primary Red or Alizarin Crimson (I prefer the permanent version) 

Primary Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Light

Dioxazine Purple

OPTIONAL colors: Titanium Buff, Burnt Umber


One medium Flat or Bright brush, like a #6 

One Large Flat or Bright brush for covering the canvas with color 

One small round brush, like a #4 

Plus any other brushes you might have. 

I prefer to use inexpensive synthetic long-handled brushes for my acrylics, but a mix of natural and synthetic for my oils 

Water Receptacle

Four 11x14-inch or comparative sized canvases or board, minimum 

Small sketch pad (about 9x12 or so)

Graphite Pencils • 2H, HB, and 4B

Chalk pastel pencils, one dark and one light for value studies and sketching on canvases 

For oil painters: Odorless mineral spirits, and any mediums you might have (fast-dry and linseed oil) 

Palette to mix paints on (could be a paper palette pad, a traditional palette or whatever you prefer)

Notebook and pens for note-taking 

One red transparent sheet of acetate or mylar 

Rags or paper towel (I like the blue shop towels!) 

A table easel if you have it and prefer to use it over the flat tabletop 

Optional: digital camera or camera phone