NEW! Renegade Encaustics:  Monotype Encaustic Printing w/ Tracy Felix


Date: Saturday-Sunday, September 8-9 / 11-5pm

Cost: $250 + $15 Supply Fee paid directly to instructor. Cash or checks made out to Tracy Felix.

Registration: Call in, come in, or register online. 425.697.2787

Location: Cole Art Studio in the downstairs of Cole Gallery.  107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds

Description: Another great opportunity to learn more about encaustics (melted, pigmented wax) from this terrific artist and amazing instructor – Tracy Felix! Generous, fun, encouraging… just a few of the adjectives students use to describe this beloved instructor! This time you’ll be learning how to make Monotype Prints – all in Tracy’s signature “renegade” style!  

This two-day class will provide an opportunity to create many multiples of monotype prints…. Monotype means you make one delightful print at a time. Each is a wonderful surprise and beautifully unique!  Tracy will show you how to use anodized aluminum plates, stencils and rubbings using colorful encaustic wax. Options are endless. You will have the whole weekend to play!

Tracy creating.jpg

 Day One: Learn specific skills for Monotype Encaustic Printing. Tracy will demo throughout the day to keep you inspired and learning new techniques. Specifically:
- Color mixing
- “Pulling” a print

- Use of anodized aluminum plates
Tracy will take you through these super fun steps one by one to ensure success for each student.

Day Two: Create a collage using your favorite prints from Day One. Tracy will show you how to cut and arrange the prints, and how to adhere them to the wood panel. The final touch is adding more wax, and students are welcome to choose from a smorgasbord of finishing touches with supplies Tracy will bring to share. Plus, everything will still be out to make more monotype prints if you desire. How fun is that?!

Wax on Paper - so beautiful. This class makes it super easy and fun. You will leave with at least one finished artwork ready to hang, and stacks of monotype prints you can use in other collage or mixed media work. These prints look great framed under glass too.

*Are you wondering what encaustic is? It's creating art with melted, pigmented beeswax! This ancient medium is experiencing a major resurgence. Many students have taken Tracy's Renegade Encaustics classes over the years.  Students love her novel approach to encaustics, with her out-of-the-box (or "renegade") way of creating art from this wonderful medium. Tracy has been teaching the short Friday evening “Try-It” classes for several years here at Cole Studio, but students wanted more!  So here it is: Two FULL days of encaustics with Tracy!

supply photo.jpeg

Supply list:

You can purchase your quality art supplies at ARTspot! Registered students receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies from the time of paid registration until the last day of class. All items on this list are available at ARTspot. Please let their staff advise you about appropriate art materials to fulfill  requirements for your class.  Artspot's Web Site

 One anodized aluminum plate (required): 
Choose from these sizes to work on griddles supplied by Tracy during class: 6 x 6", 6 x 8", 8 x 8", 8 x 10", 10x10"
(If you want to work larger, these plates also come in 10x14", 10x18", 12x16" but you will need to bring your own griddle to accommodate these larger size plates. Contact Tracy to arrange as we need to coordinate the number of griddles we use based on available outlets.)
NOTE: ARTspot has a selection of sizes in stock but not all sizes all the time! Call them early to secure the size you want.

Pigmented Encaustic Wax (required):
At least 5 colors. Choose a variety of colors you like. Tracy recommends getting a range of values (light colors, medium and darks).  Here are a couple brands Tracy likes:

  • Encaustikos - available in ready-made colors.  Tracy recommends both Wax Snaps and Hot Sticks for a variety of beautiful colors 
  • R&F - 40 and 104 ml. Tracy recommends the metallics as especially beautiful.

You can always get more colors from ARTspot throughout the day if needed. Tracy will bring some colors to demo with and for students to try.

Paper (required):

  • One pad of Jack Richeson Rice Paper 12x18” and/or 
  • Sumi-E Sketch Paper Pads in 9x12 or 12x17”

Sumi paper is also available in rolls but are more challenging as they are curled up and trickier to use than the flat paper from pads. You will use a lot of paper as you make prints. You can just get one of these pads, and go over to ARTspot for more as needed.

  • Any other lightweight papers you would like to bring to experiment printing on. Old book pages can make interesting prints.

Stencil - At least one 6x6 TCW Stencil (required): Any design or pattern that appeals to you.

TCW (The Crafter’s Workshop) brand holds up to the heat really well. Also available in 12x12- if you get this size choose a design that can be cut apart to make it into multiple smaller stencils to use on the griddle. Stencil Girl stencils are good too.

 One Wood Panel (required)
Note: you can purchase ahead of time if you know what size you like, or wait until Day Two of class to purchase a size to fit the collage you will design with Tracy’s help.


  • Woodies to “draw” with
  • Pearlex Mica Powders to incorporate a metallic sheen into your prints

For the $15 supply fee, Tracy will supply:

  • Griddles
  • Tools to use with printing process
  • Some extra encaustic colors to experiment with
  • Acrylic gel Medium to assemble collages to panel
  • A smorgasbord of finishing touches like pan pastels, inks, mica powder

Cole Gallery will supply:
Nitrile gloves to protect your hands

You are welcome to bring a lunch to eat in the workshop studio. Edmonds has many places to get take-out or go out to eat.

Check this out! ARTspot Concierge Service. ARTspot will personally do your shopping for you! They can set aside the materials you need, ready for pickup - they can even deliver your supplies to Cole Art Studio before your class. Call ARTspot at 425.640.6408 for this great service. Note: To ensure your order can be filled, please order as early as possible.

Questions about these supplies? ARTspot staff are happy to help you. Call 425-640-6408 or email at