JULIA CARPENTER birds in charcoal+pastel.png

Mostly Charcoal with a Chance of Pastel
w/ Julia Carpenter

Date/Time: 5 Tuesdays: October 22, 29, November 5, 12, 19 / 10:30-1:30

Cost: $250

Registration: Call in, come in, or register online. 425.697.2787

Location: Cole Art Studio, located on the lower level of Cole Gallery. 107 5th Ave S, Edmonds WA 98020 

In this class we dive into the velvety blackness of Charcoal. This was humanity’s first drawing tool and is still one of our favorites with its rich, matte black, which lends itself to both your boldest, most expressive marks and to the most fastidious precision of photo-realism. Today we can get a variety of charcoal colors with the same properties as black charcoal.

 If you have taken a previous drawing course, with either Julia or Joe or any other instructor who had you working in charcoals, that would be a perfect jumping off point for this 5-week class.  It’s not suitable for those with no drawing experience. You’ll be adding pastels for pops of color here and there. Julia’s supply list from Joy of Drawing part 1 will be the basic materials list for this class, along with a few pastels, etc.

 Dive into the velvety blackness and commune with your prehistoric ancestors; get in touch with your wild side. Come draw big, bold and expressive birds, animals, landscapes, and portraits. Learn the basics of shading and various techniques to unlock this magical medium.  You are guaranteed to get dirty and have fun doing it!

Supply List:


Note to students: Don’t panic! Bring the whatever supplies you have!
If you have worked with charcoal before, and still have charcoal and erasers etc from previous classes, by all means bring that. One of the wonderful things about this medium is its simplicity. I simply ask you at least have some charcoal and the big paper so you’re not constrained by size!

*If you’re not sure about the pastels or the paper, I can supply you with those for a small supply fee of $15, and this way you get to try all kinds! See items marked with an asterisk below*.

Recommended Supplies

Kneaded Eraser
White vinyl Eraser
Stick eraser like the Factis or the mini Tombo, or BOTH!

Charcoals and Pastels, etc.
Derwent XL Charcoal set
Compressed Black charcoal
Nitram Vine Charcoal B or HB
Peel and Sketch Charcoal Pencil Soft
*Some Colored Chalk Soft Pastels -as little or as many as you’d like (Art Alternatives, Sennelier, there are inexpensive sets for as little as $12.95 and there are some artist grade brands that start at $70)
Sanding paddle or block (for sharpening your Vine charcoal)

Newsprint pad, 18 x 24 (required to bring)
*18 x 24 Strathmore Charcoal Paper in Assorted tints Series 500
OR if you’re not into too much texture or want to try water with your charcoal the Strathmore Mixed Media Toned Paper is great in Tan or Grey.
OR just bring a good pad of 18 x 24 drawing paper and see how you like it. It’s fun working on a pre toned background because then your white really shows up.
Drawing Board - with or without clips, it must fit your 18 x 24 paper.

Optional but recommended Supplies
Table top or free standing portable easel. You will not be working flat. Cole has several you can use – call the gallery to reserve one, at 425.697.2787
Barrier cream for your hands
Wet wipes (great for getting that charcoal off your face!)