“Painting in Monochrome ~ The Still Life” w/ Cary Jurriaans

DATE/TIME: Sat November 1st 10:30am-4:30pm

COST:  $125

REGISTRATION:  Call in, come in, or register online. Scroll to the bottom of this page to register online.  425.697.2787. Some drawing and oil experience required up to the advanced artist.

LOCATION:  Cole Art Studio located on the lower level of Cole Gallery.  107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds


Grisaille: a French term for a finished painting done in monochrome: generally in shades of black, brown or gray. 

You’ve seen these beautiful and elegant classic grisaille paintings – and now you’ll learn to paint one yourself! 

This workshop focuses on understanding the importance of values, through drawing and painting directly from life.  During the workshop, the instructor will teach and demonstrate each step of the painting process from beginning to end.. As Cary says, "Color gets the credit, but values do the work!”

Cary explains:  “We will start with a thumbnail of your composition.  When we determine it is right, we will paint/sketch the first layer with a thin color lay in. After this stage, students will finish the painting in black and white thus creating a monochromatic painting or study.  This can be loose or very finished and it can be beautiful!” 

 All levels are welcome


You can pick up all your great art supplies at ARTspot in Edmonds just blocks from Cole Gallery.  Registered Cole Art Studio students will receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies.  Make sure to pick up your 10% off slip at Cole Gallery's front desk.  Artspot's Web Site

Paint Colors - Use the medium you prefer

  • Ivory Black
  • Raw Umber
  • Flake White Replacement 
  • Titanium White

Linseed oil

Gamsol thinner

Table Easel or Standing Easel

One panel, portrait linen, smooth canvas or textured gesso board. (Please gesso the panel or board 2 more times with medium grey gesso and sand down lightly.)


Whatever you like to work with, make sure you have some soft ones. Check out the inexpensive options at ArtSpot, including Princeton’s “Snap!” and “Select” lines.


8x10 grey toned canvas: One panel, portrait linen, smooth canvas or textured gesso board. (If you purchase an inexpensive canvas or board, please gesso the panel or board 2 more times with medium grey gesso and sand down lightly.)  

One gray scale chart

Bring one item (not a photograph) you would like to paint, which is either white or just one color.