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"Painting Pets with Mixed Media" w/ Patty Forte Linna

DATE/TIME: June 22-23 (Sat/Sun) 10:30-5.  Optional half day on Friday June 21st 4-8pm for additional instruction especially in drawing.

COST:  For just June 22-23 - $195.  For all three days, June 21-23 - $250.  There will also be an additional $25 supply fee paid directly to Patty with cash or check, and it will cover all supplies used in the workshop.

REGISTRATION: Register either for the two day or all three days by calling in, coming in, or online.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for online registration.   425.697.2787

LOCATION:  Cole Art Studio located in the downstairs of Cole Gallery 107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds.

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In this pet painting workshop we will explore and push color, line, and edge quality using multiple mediums. We will be using pastel, charcoal, ink and acrylics just to name a few. This is going to be a workshop to create 'outside of the box' and have FUN while painting our most cherished furry friends. You will explore a traditional impressionistic approach while playing and dabbling in other approaches. If drawing is intimidating, Patty will be offering a pre -workshop drawing class on the Friday night before the workshop to get your pet sketched onto two different media boards so you can come to the Saturday and Sunday portion of the Workshop fully prepared to jump into painting.

Friday is an optional day for the workshop. Knowing some students are intimidated by drawing Patty will be spending the evening with them, giving them tools to accurately draw their pet. She’ll demonstrate how to use a grid and envelop to see both positive and negative space.

Saturday begins the actual workshop and will kick off with a lecture about design and composition. Students will then practice design exercises to find their favorite composition for the beginning of their pet painting.

Everything Patty teaches will be demonstrated and followed up with exercises for the students to practice what they just learned....first on something they can throw away and then on their actual painting.

Once the composition is chosen and the drawing loosely blocked in, Patty will lecture and demonstrate how to work from an abstract design and talk about how far to take abstract into realism to capture the mood the student is looking for. There will be different media (charcoal, pastel and paint pens) for various exercises. For the value section of the workshop, students will be working in black and white and also in color. The students will block in their painting.

The class will now focus on color. will demonstrate how to make colors luminous and how to dull colors down to make them support the entire painting and to keep them from competing with the focal point. Students will work in water media and also in pastel.

The focus of the class will then move onto edge quality and Patty will demonstrate how to sharpen edges as well as loose them. Again, the students will be given exercises to apply what they just learned and put that into their paintings.

The students will work in various media to see what the benefits of each one is for working out composition, value studies, color thumbnails and also for working in mixed media.

Patty is a very supportive, enthusiastic teacher. She loves her students and has a passion to see them overcome their fears, particularly of drawing!

FEEDBACK from previous Workshop Attendees:
"Totally enjoyed the class. Exercises are challenging but so worthwhile."
"You have reenergized me about painting. For various reasons, I had become complacent and I wasn’t excited about the workshop. But the first couple of hours on the first day changed all that."


Good photos of your pet. Make sure they have light and dark areas. Bring a few photos so work from. Also...if you can send Patty the photos before the class, that would be very helpful.

Also, if you have paint, supplies (any medium) bring them along, you can add to your collection. 

Come prepared to have fun and to take your painting to a new level. We will push the limits on color, design and value.