"Painting Powerful Watercolors" w/ Pamela Harold

DATE/TIME:  Sunday August 4th  10:30-4:30

COST:   $95

REGISTRATION:   Call in, come in, or sign up online.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to register.  425.697.2787

LOCATION:   Cole Art Studio located on the lower level of Cole Gallery.  107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds  98020

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:  Watercolor is an exciting medium.  It takes time and patience  to learn  the properties of all the pigments and how they interact.  This workshop will focus on staining and opaque properties,  glazing techniques, avoiding "mud," and how to correct mistakes, layered washes, and creating intense color using transparent staining pigments.  You will also be learning how to plan the light source, save white areas, and mix your own black. Learn how to use color to establish the mood of a painting.  See how mixing Alizerin Crimson with other pigments can tame powerful greens and to give clarity to mixed colors. Be confident in planning your pallet.  Learn how to paint shadows, and understand the use of a painted outline. And understand how the most important supplies are artist quality and not student grade.


You can pick up all your great art supplies at ARTspot in Edmonds just blocks from Cole Gallery.  Registered Cole Art Studio students will receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies.  Make sure to pick up your 10% off slip at Cole Gallery's front desk.  Artspot's Web Site

PIGMENT:  Artists Quality  I use Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith
    Alizerin Crimson                              Cobalt Blue
    Raw Sienna                                      Cerulean Blue
    Burnt Sienna                                    Winsor (Thalo) Blue (Red)
    Quinacridone Burnt Scarlet           Winsor (Thalo ) Blue (Green)
    Quinacridone Coral                        Winsor (Thalo) Green
    Quinacridone Gold
    New Gamboge           
If you have an established pallet please bring it.
Designers Gouache - Winsor Newton Permanent White
Discretionary -  I sometimes use these colors  : French Ultramarine, Cascade Green,  Quinacridone Burnt Orange

Half or quarter sheets or pad
Any 140 lb. cold press 100% Rag Paper. I seldom use 300 lb. or hot press paper .
Arches     Lanaquarelle,    Saunders Waterford    

PALLET  Large pallet with lots of mixing room or bring extra plastic or porcelain pallets

Masking fluid and small synthetic brush. 

Kneeded eraser.   

Photos to work from.  (Please have a light drawing of your subject already on your watercolor paper as we will be focusing on color.)

Watercolor paper mounted on board or Alligator board or a watercolor pad

BRUSHES - A cheap 2” wide flat brush for wetting paper
            Watercolor rounds - synthetic, sable  or combination  No.18  No.8  No.6

EXTRAS- small bar of soap to wash brush used to apply masking fluid. Sketch book. Pad of tracing paper. Scissors. I do my initial drawing on tracing paper so I can erase without roughing up the watercolor paper.   Scrap of watercolor paper to test color. Kleenex and paper towel, water container, salt


Use of transparent and semi opaque pigments
Mixing strong colors and making your own black
Layered washes
Avoiding “mud”
Working from photographs
How to rescue a painting
Painting water