Pastel Workshops

Exploring Color with Pastels
w/ Janis Graves

Sunday / August 6 / 10:30-4:30 pm

Spend the day exploring color in pastel! Janis will teach you how to use color boldly and fearlessly, focusing on value, hue and intensity. She will also touch upon color relevance and how color is effected by local color. This is one color class you do not want to miss!

Orchestrating Great Compositions in Pastel
w/ Amanda Houston

Sat-Sun / Oct 14-15 / 10-5 pm

This 2-day workshop will have just the right mix of theory, technique, and experimentation for learning. Amanda will share all her knowledge of how to paint with pastels, using different techniques on different surfaces to achieve different results. Packed full of good design fundamentals, this class will focus on creating and orchestrating great compositions in landscapes. You’ll get tricks and tips on how to paint inspiring skies and landscapes in pastel.