The Drawing Experience Part 3; Drawing and Color using Pastels and Ink
w/ Joe Mac Kechnie

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Date / Time: 5 Wednesday classes / January 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13 / 2-5pm

Cost: $210.00

Registration: Call in, come in, or register online. 425.697.2787

Location: Cole Art Studio, located on the lower level of Cole Gallery. 107 5th Ave S, Edmonds WA 98020

This 5-week series of drawing classes builds upon what was learned in The Drawing Experience Part I.  If you have taken the Part I drawing series or already have good basic drawing skills, you are ready for the advanced techniques of this series.

In this series, you will explore more complex subject matter, with valuable lessons on composition and perspective - fundamentals that apply to any subject matter.  While these lessons will include some instruction and demo time, students will have more hands-on exercises, as you draw from live still-life setups and photographs.

What is “the Twist?” Glad you asked! To liven things up, Joe will guide you in an exploration of “Expressive” and “Abstractive” drawing techniques – things he used to wait to cover in Drawing Experience 3. You’ll delve into different realms of art expression using drawing techniques that can lead to exciting discoveries for you as an artist.

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Joe says, “You, the artist, are a unique filter through which life’s experiences are processed.  As a result, responses and expressions emerge that are completely your own.  No matter your style, temperament, or approach, drawing can function as the vehicle for expressing the visible world in terms of your inner emotional, imaginative world.”  Joe will pose weekly challenges that will push your drawing skills to new levels.  He will be using charcoals, inks, some colors (pastels) and creative techniques to move you from being just a good “copier” of nature to producing “artistic” works.  Your finished artworks produced should be “fine art” paintings, ready to hang on a wall!

Supply List:

You can purchase your quality art supplies at ARTspot! Registered students receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies from the time of paid registration until the last day of class. Most items on this list are available at ARTspot. Please let their staff advise you about appropriate art materials to fulfill  requirements for your class.  Artspot's Web Site

Questions about these supplies? ARTspot staff are happy to help you. Call 425-640-6408 or email at

Joe says: You have probably heard it many times before; don’t scrimp on the quality of your art materials. If you haven’t yet created that masterpiece, you soon will. If it was done with inexpensive materials, it will be noticed. Also, using inexpensive materials may lead you to believe you can never produce an art piece that looks like the pros. Becoming discouraged is less likely when you do not have to overcome poor-quality materials. Also, exchange ideas with fellow artists. Find an artist whose style you would like to emulate. Ask what equipment they use and why. What is their philosophy and approach to making art? This may influence what equipment you want to use. 

ARTspot has a basic drawing kit, custom-made for Joe's drawing students, at a very reasonable price. Includes the items as listed below:


Drawing Kit contents:

Kneaded eraser

  • Gum eraser

  • Vinyl/plastic white eraser


  • Soft compressed black charcoal sticks (made by Alphacolor Char-Kole)

  • Soft compressed white pastel sticks

  • General’s compressed white charcoal pencils

  • General’s compressed black charcoal pencils- standard or “Peel and Sketch”

  • 1 bag Bob's Soft Vine Charcoal, 1/2" and other varied sizes

Drawing Paper

  • Standard sketch Pad paper, 18x24in,


  • Gray Scale and Value Finder

  • Bristol paper 90 to 100 # pad, 19x24in

  • a pencil box is included in the kit to hold above items

In addition to the kit’s items above, you will need to bring these:
Permanent Inks and Pens::

  • Sharpie Extra Fine Point permanent marker

  • Higgins Waterproof Black India Ink, 1oz Bottle

Water-Soluble Inks and Pens

  • Speedball Elegant Writer 4-pen Calligraphy Set

  • Bamboo chopstick from home

  • Professional Grade Black Sumi Ink, 2oz


  • Watercolor flat brush, 2”, synthetic

  • Round bristle brush, medium size, synthetic

  • Sumi-e medium sized brush


  • We may be using some pastels. If you have some bring them. If not, I will be bringing a large collection of pastel pieces for your use.

  • Large drawing board with clips 23x26

  • Stick eraser (e.g. ARTspot's "General Pencil's Factis eraser pen stick")

  • Soft paper towels (Bounty extra soft)

  • Art box for carrying your art supplies (if you want a larger one than the one in the Kit)

  • Optional: Easel - Small table top model or free-standing model (Cole has a number of these. Call to reserve one.)

Check this out! ARTspot Concierge Service. ARTspot will personally do your shopping for you! They can set aside the materials you need, ready for pickup - they can even deliver your supplies to Cole Art Studio before your class. Call ARTspot at 425.640.6408 for this great service. Note: To ensure your order can be filled, please order as early as possible.