Tracy Felix

Tracy Felix has studied and practiced both as a fine artist and a commercial artist. She is versed in both oil and watercolor techniques. She started seriously painting with acrylics in 2001, and locked herself in her studio to experiment and master the unique qualities of acrylics, but also using her knowledge of oil and watercolor techniques applied to acrylics.

She is a unique and very supportive instructor. As an art store owner (she partnered with Denise Cole in 2012 to open ARTspot) Tracy brings a wealth of product knowledge, and is happy to share any trade secrets with her students. Student evaluations praise her for being super supportive and for helping beginners feel comfortable and brave. Tracy has been teaching with the Cole Art Studio since 2006, and is one of nine artists to be debuted in the new Cole Contemporary Gallery in 2017.

Artist Statement:
I am an experimental painter. I love to find new and unusual ways to make my paintings unique. Acrylic paints and mediums allow me to paint in both water media techniques as well as traditional oil painting approaches. I am also enamored of encaustics. It is the perfect material for experimentation.
     For me, cutting edge is creating new ways to assemble the visual.  Paintings need to be about something. I feel strongly that creating a feeling of depth is important – both visual and of meaning. My paintings are built in layers of color, texture, images and mixed media when it supports my concept. But also layers to the imagery...  painting fascinates me and I teach to share my love of self expression with these beautiful materials. See more at Watch a Video Documentary of Tracy in the process of creating a painting.

Tracy's paintings are always showing down the street from ARTspot at HouseWares, 318 Main Street, Edmonds.