“Watercolor Step 3 – The Beauty of the Paper” w/ James Farrand

We're sorry. This workshop has been canceled.

DATE/TIME: 4 Monday evenings / April 17, 24, May 1 and 8 / 6-8pm

COST: $150

REGISTRATION: Call in, come in, or register online. Scroll to the bottom for online registration. 425.697.2787

LOCATION: Cole Art Studio, located on the lower level of Cole Gallery. 107 5th Ave S, Edmonds WA 98020


Whereas Watercolor Step 1 focused on gaining confidence in using a minimal set of quality tools & basic techniques, and Watercolor Step 2 continued this process by digging deeper into color, Watercolor Step 3 will continue our journey by focusing on something that may seem counter-intuitive: Leaving the paper alone. That’s right. Don’t touch it. The power and beauty of pristine and untouched watercolor paper is a wonderful thing. And all too often, it somehow gets lost and even though we may try to scrub out color to try and get back to the white of the paper, it’s just not the same.

Yes, it takes some planning and sometimes using things like masking fluid and/or tape. But often just knowing the places in a painting where one is going to ‘stay-out-of’ is all it takes. And again, we’ll work on very approachable step-by-step exercises, and move into more involved studies as well as create a simplified version of this plumeria painting.

The intended audience for this class is anyone who is familiar with and reasonably confident in using a basic set of watercolor tools, supplies, and techniques.


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For Watercolor Step 3, we will be using the same supplies from Watercolor Step 1 and 2, plus a few additional items. *The additional items are marked with an asterisk.*

Paint: (Different brands are ok as long as Artist Quality, not “student” or hobby grade.)

  • Azo Yellow (M. Graham)
  • Pthalo Blue (M. Graham)
  • Quinacridone Rose (M. Graham)
  • Quinacridone Burnt Orange (Daniel Smith)
  • Indigo (Daniel Smith)
  • M Graham ultramarine blue
  • M Graham Naphthol Red
  • *Pthalo Green (blue shade)
  • *Cobalt Teal


  • 1 - Medium round soft natural hair (e.g. Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #12)
  • 1 - Small round synthetic (e.g. Princeton Snap #4, or similar)
  • 1 - approx. 2”  Flat Hake (e.g multi-head Bamboo Hake brush)
  • 1 - Small Bristle 'scrubby brush' - (e.g. Princeton Catalyst Short Filbert #4)
  • *1 - Large round/mop natural or natural/synthetic blend (e.g. Silver Brush Black Velvet Jumbo Round Series 3025 - ‘Medium’)


  • Fluid 100 (9"x12") Cold-Pressed, 300lb, watercolor paper block  
  • *1 - 22” x 30” sheet of Arches 300lb Cold press bright white watercolor paper


  • 1 - Medium (white plastic) watercolor palette with individual wells, cover, and large mixing area (e.g. Jones Palette 'Kit' 2).


  • 11”x14” MDF panel (5MM) or similar hard support for mounting paper/paintings
  • Sketch/Drawing paper pad (e.g. 9”x12” Canson Universal Sketch pad or similar)
  • Graphite pencil (HB preferable)
  • Kneaded eraser


  • Containers for water, paper towels, masking tape, hair dryers
  • Brushes

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