Beginning Watercolors, the Sequel
w/ Joe Mac Kechnie

Date / Time: 5 Thursday classes / April 11, 18, 25, May 2 and 9 / 10:30am-1:30pm

Cost: $225.00

Registration: Call in, come in, or register online. 425.697.2787

Location: Cole Art Studio, located on the lower level of Cole Gallery. 107 5th Ave S, Edmonds WA 98020

Open to all watercolor students with some watercolor experience, whether at Cole Art Studio or elsewhere, this class will be a great next step. For example, if you have completed our Beginning Watercolor with Joe (or elsewhere), this is the class for you!  

 In this 5-week course, Joe will briefly discuss core painting topics for watercolor painting and then proceed to exploring more advanced and creative techniques for expressive watercolor painting, such as Intuition, the Creative Process, Form, Content and Context.  We will be studying some of Joe’s favorite watercolor subjects and the techniques he employs to create his unique, contemporary works.

 These classes will be intensive and very rewarding. For each weekly session, come rested and ready to embrace this wonderful painting medium.  If you want to bring your own image references to work on, please do and Joe will provide guidance to each of you.  At the beginning of each session, Joe will also pick a topic and demo how he will approach the painting.  Joe will provide copies of his demo photos to those students that want to follow his demo painting.


This course will be centered around watercolors as the core medium.  However, you are encouraged to use other mediums to complete your projects.  Joe will be using watercolors along with some ink, charcoal and/or pastels.    

Supply List:

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Drawing Materials:

  • #5B or 6B drawing pencils

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Light blue Pitt pastel pencil by Fiber-Castell or by other manufacturers

Palette: A plastic or resin watercolor palette with lid, small watercolor palette, Tom Jones with 17 wells (or equivalent)

Joe likes to use flats for washes and rounds for detail work: “I can cover large areas quickly and with more control when using flats. Good brushes hold their shape and can carry a lot of wet pigment. I use both Sable and synthetic brushes.”

Synthetic brushes are fine for all the following:


  • 2-inch (optional) or at least a 1.5 inch

  • 1-inch

  • ½-inch

  • ¼-inch


  • Nos. 2, 6 & 10

Specialty Brushes

  • Dagger (medium)

  • Script or liner brush #2

  • Small stiff hog’s hair bristle for removing paint from paper

  • Old toothbrush (Save your old toothbrushes – they’re good for creating splatters, etc.)

Optional Brushes:

  • Rounds 4 & 8

  • Sumi all-purpose brush, #3

  • #4 fan brush

Paper: 3 sheets Arches 140-lb. cold-pressed paper

Joe says, “Paints come in numerous brands. Start with the best. Use professional-quality tube paints and you will have fewer problems. If you are buying colors individually both Daniel Smith and M Graham make good quality paints. I use tube colors and keep the palette reservoirs filled.”

Here are the colors Joe requires for this class, including some optional colors:

  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson

  • Cadmium Red Light (or equivalent)

  • Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Rose

  • Winsor Red or Pyrrol Red

  • Cobalt Teal (or equivalent)

  • Pthalo Blue

  • French Ultramarine Blue

  • Yellow Ochre

  • Cadmium Yellow Light (or equivalent)

  • Burnt Sienna

  • Sap Green

  • Permanent Green (or equivalent)

  • Lamp Black

Optional colors:

  • Gamboge

  • Titanium White

  • Hematite


  • Painter's masking tape

  • ½-inch thick foam board (Gator Board or equivalent) large enough to mount watercolor paper (18”x24”)

  • Paper Towels and soft tissues

  • Two large water containers; one to wash the brush and one to rinse (Cole has some of these)

  • Liquid Frisket in a bottle

  • Single edge razor blade

  • Medium size fine mist water spray bottle

Optional Supplies:

  • Salt and rubbing alcohol for creating texture

  • Sponges

  • Old-style architect adjustable ink pen (to apply Frisket)

  • Scissors

  • Hair dryer (Cole has one of these for your use during class). I will be bringing another.

  • Small 2” mixing dishes for mixing and pouring watercolor

  • Precut white mats of various sizes, e.g. 8x10, 9x12, 11x14. 16x24 (optional) with 2” border. I’ll be bringing a few which can be shared during classes.

  • For propping up your work just a bit (less of an angle than an easel), we recommend using an egg carton or a roll of paper towels. 

All other art supplies, such as pastels or other painting mediums, will be provided by Joe.

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