"Crazily Creative Landscapes" w/ Joe MacKechnie

We're sorry - this workshop has been canceled.
Please check out Joe's August 13 workshop: "Crazily Creative Portraits" for learning similar techniques.

COST: $125


Why do some artists have the ability to paint artworks that are painterly, expressive, and full of energy and movement? Joe Mac Kechnie paints and draws this way and has learned some valuable insights into how one can incorporate these elements into their artwork.  Joe has designed a one-day workshop that explores how these elements are created and how you make them a part of your personal style. He will start with abstract block-in strokes and as he progresses, you will see how he makes a landscape emerge from what were random marks. This workshop is open to all mediums and experience levels. Also, bring your creative imagination!


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The preferred mediums for this workshop are acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and charcoals.


  • Kneaded eraser
  • Gum eraser
  • Hard white eraser


  • Soft vine charcoal (variety of sizes, ¼” and larger, made by Bob’s Charcoal)
  • Soft compressed charcoal sticks (made by Alphacolor Char-Kole)
  • General’s compressed charcoal pencils:  “standard” or “Peel and Sketch”


  • Small set of soft pastels, 8-12 colors (Rembrandt or equivalent)

Acrylics (Golden, full body)

  • Carbon black
  • Titanium white
  • Quinacridone Magenta
  • Alizarin
  • Cad Red Medium
  • Cad Yellow Light
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Pthalo Blue (red shade)
  • Sap Green
  • Teal
  • Neutral Gray #8

Watercolors (optional) – If you aren’t an acrylic painter, ok to use watercolors

  • Ivory black
  • Titanium white
  • Quinacridone Rose
  • Alizarin
  • Cad Red
  • Cad Yellow Light
  • Ultramarine blue (RS)
  • Pthalo Blue
  • Sap Green
  • Teal
  • Neutral Tint

Paper and canvas

  • Arches or Fabriano, 11x14, Hot press, 140lb watercolor paper (Fabriano makes a Studio Watercolor tablet, 140# , hot press). Or substitute a couple full sheets of Hot Press, 140lb watercolor paper. Can be used with watercolor, pastel and acrylics
  • At least 3 canvas panels, 12x16. Can be used with pastels and acrylics.

Brushes – A variety of large and small brushes – acrylic and watercolor brushes work great. Also bring a couple palette knives in different sizes.


  • Easel – small table top model or free standing model
  • Large drawing board with clips, 23x26
  • Soft paper towels
  • Rags
  • Latex gloves
  • Water spray bottle

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