Creating Life in  your Landscape Oil Painting
w/ Kyle Paliotto

Kyle Paliotto_Country Farm_20x30_Oil_3850_3550.jpg

Date/Time: Saturday-Sunday / August 18-19 / 10:30-4:30 pm

Cost: $250

Registration: Call in, come in, or register online. 425.697.2787

Location: Cole Art Studio, located downstairs on the lower level of Cole Gallery. 107 5th Ave S, Edmonds WA 98020

The goal of this workshop will be to take our personal interests and experiences and use them to fuel exciting landscape paintings.  Being excited about what you are painting always shows in the finished product. The emotional connection is so important in painting.  Beyond light and masterful technique we need subject.  Subjects can be any person, place, thing or animals, birds,…nouns!

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Animals are a great place to start when introducing interest in your landscape motifs.  How do we compose the painting to speak about the beauty of the landscape and yet have the impact of the animal connection? The first day of the workshop the plan is to assess photos that are brought in for dynamic material to build a painting from.  We will paint a vignette of your chosen animal or person or thing.  This will be a great first day experience pushing paint around and talking about some of the basics that arise when painting.

Kyle Paliotto_Misty Memories  20x30 oil_3850.jpg

 Day two, we will take the photos you supply of a favorite landscape and compose it so there is beauty in the pure landscape and beauty in the subject.  This takes some knowledge of grafting images: are our light sources consistent, are the times of day the same, is the landscape a natural habitat for the animal?  All things we will tackle in the workshop.  Tablets are great tools for photos, I suggest loading them with favorite photos you want to paint from.   I will demonstrate both days to help you visualize the process.

Supply List:

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Oil Paint: Gamblin or a similar high quality artist grade paint
     Cadmium Lemon
     Cadmium Yellow Deep
     Cadmium Orange
     Gold Ochre
     Cadmium Red Medium
     Transparent Earth Red
     Alizarin Crimson Permanent
     Cobalt Blue
     Ultramarine Blue
     Titanium/Zinc White (This is a blend by Gamblin)

Kyle notes:  “This is the basic full palette I use, the colors are laid out in this order on my palette as well.  The consistency of the layout is important to muscle memory in mixing. 
“If you do not have these colors the concept is more important than the particulars.  You need the primaries - yellow, red, and blue. Preferably a warm and cool of each.  White is a must in oil painting.”

Odorless mineral spirits.  Please note: no stinky mediums are allowed at Cole Art Studio.

Wood, plexiglass or plastic. (Kyle says, “Glass palettes are great for the studio but horrible for traveling.”)


  • 3-5 flat natural bristle brushes ranging from 2-10 in size (some can be filberts if that is what you have)
  • One large angled flat 1 ½” natural bristle brush

Brush washer:  Portable metal, glass or plastic washer with lid

Palette knife: Small, long, diamond-shaped with rounded end, offset palette knife – Connoisseur brand 6810-10 or similar

Canvases - 2

  • One 11x14” or smaller and
  • One 16x20”. Medium texture landscape linen or cotton canvas panel or stretched canvas. (One for the smaller vignette and one for the composed painting.)
  • Kyle says, “Use the best quality canvas or canvas panel you can afford, the cheaper canvases gets greasy and are difficult to work on.”  For example, a good quality such as Source Tek (Available online) or Fredrix Pro 12oz cotton canvas panels (Available at ARTspot).IMPORTANT: No matter what brand you choose, make sure your canvases have a good priming - Source Tek or Fredrix Pro canvas panels are recommended because they are highly pre-primed (see Or, if you select a different brand, make sure they have an additional coat of gesso for the priming. (Priming allows the paint to adhere to the surface.)


  • Paper towels
  • Portable easel.  Cole has several of these, both table easels and standing; call to reserve one.
  • Carrying Case (Kyle states, “No one likes the yard sale setup next to them while they try to paint!  Space is important and an organized workspace aids in energy spent creating.”)
  • Drawing pad
  • Gray markers, in 3-4 values (can be in a set or open stock), for value study

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