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Discovery! Intro to Drawing
w/ Julia Carpenter

Date/ Time : Sunday / June 9 / 10:30-4:30 pm

Cost: $150

Registration: Call in, come in, or register online. 425.697.2787

Location: Cole Art Studio in the downstairs of Cole Gallery.  107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds

Have you ever said, “I can’t even draw a stick figure!”? If you think you can’t draw, be prepared to change your mind – Julia Carpenter will take you on a joy-filled Discovery and you’ll see that you really can draw! That’s right, in just one day, you’ll go from saying “ME?? I can’t draw!” to “ Hey look! I did this! I can draw!”

Our Discovery! series is just for beginners. We want to provide an encouraging, relaxing environment where beginners don’t have to worry about what anyone else is thinking or doing – a safe place where those discouraging voices in your head will melt away. A place where you can discover that this art thing might just be your thing.

Julia will teach you how to “see”, exercising a different part of your brain than you usually use. Drawing the world around you is about being truly “in the moment” – the kind of focus that brings joy, relaxation and satisfaction. Drawing also teaches you so much about WHAT it is you are drawing – learning directly from the world around you. Every person is capable of this, it just takes some teaching and some practice.  In this one-day class, you’ll also touch on the basics of line, shape, value and form. 


If you find yourself wanting more drawing classes, Julia also teaches a series of 4-week classes on Mondays called The Joy of Drawing (part 1) and The Joy of Drawing Continues (part 2). Check our website for more information on these two great classes! If you aren’t free on Mondays, we’ll have other options for you in the fall.

Supply List:

You can purchase your quality art supplies at ARTspot! Registered students receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies from the time of paid registration until the last day of class. Most items on this list are available at ARTspot. Please let their staff advise you about appropriate art materials to fulfill  requirements for your class. Questions about these supplies? ARTspot staff are happy to help you. Call 425-640-6408 or email at ARTspotEdmonds@gmail.com.  Artspot's Web Site


  • Kneaded eraser

  • Vinyl/plastic white eraser


  • Compressed black charcoal

  • Soft compressed white pastel stick

  • “Peel and Sketch” Charcoal Pencil

  • Vine Charcoal

 Paper - Canson’s XL Recycled Sketch Pad 18x24


  • Drawing board with clips, 23" x 26", available at ARTspot

  • Chamois cloth (real chamois-in art supply store, or auto parts store)

  • Gray Scale and Value Finder

 Optional: Stick eraser (e.g. ARTspot's "General Pencil's Factis eraser pen stick")

Check this out! ARTspot Concierge Service. ARTspot will personally do your shopping for you! They can set aside the materials you need, ready for pickup - they can even deliver your supplies to Cole Art Studio before your class. Call ARTspot at 425-640-6408 for this great service. Note: To ensure your order can be filled, please order as early as possible.