Expressive Drawing
w/ Joe Mac Kechnie

Date/Time: Saturday / July 22 / 10:30-4:30 pm

Cost: $150

Register: Call in, come in, or register online.  425.697.2787

Location: Cole Art Studio located on the lower level of Cole Gallery. 107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds 98020.

Want to take your drawing skills to the next level? Beloved instructor Joe Mac Kechnie will be exploring different realms of art expression using drawing techniques that can lead you to exciting discoveries as an artist. This is a great 1-day workshop for those students who have taken Drawing Experience 1 and 2 with Joe, or other basic drawing classes.

You, the artist, are a unique filter through which life’s experiences are processed. As a result, responses and expressions emerge that are completely your own. No matter your style, temperament, or approach, drawing can function as the vehicle for expressing the visible world in terms of your inner emotional, imaginative world.

Joe will pose challenges that will push your drawing skills to new levels. He will be using charcoals, inks, some colors and creative techniques to move you from being just a good “copier” of nature to actually producing “artistic” artworks.

Some drawing experience required.

Supply List:

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  • Kneaded eraser, Gum eraser, Hard white eraser


  • Soft vine charcoal sticks (variety of sizes, ¼” and larger)

  • Soft compressed black charcoal bricks (made by Alphacolor Char-Kole)

  • General’s Soft “Peel and Sketch” pencil

Permanent Inks and Pens:

  • Sharpie Extra Fine Point permanent ink pens

Water-Soluble Inks and Pens:

  • Speedball Elegant Writer 4-pen Calligraphy Set

  • Old bamboo chopstick

  • Professional Grade Black Sumi Ink, 2oz


  • Small watercolor plastic folding palette

  • Watercolors in tubes; any brand ok. Basic colors should include: bright red, rose red, ultramarine blue, bright yellow, iron red oxide, titanium white and permanent green. You can add other colors as desired.

  • Alternative to tube watercolors: Water color sticks by Daniel Smith or Neocolor II-Carand’ache (10 and 15 color sets available).


  • Soft Pastel sticks, set of 12 colors


  • Canson’s XL Sketch pad, medium tooth, 18x24in, or equivalent

  • 2 full sized individual sheets of Arches hot press watercolor paper, 140#


  • Large drawing board with clips, 23x26

  • Soft paper towels (Bounty extra soft or Kleenex)

  • Art box for carrying your art supplies

  • Watercolor brushes: one ½” flat and two round tip brushes (#4 and #5)

  • Sumi brushes are ok too

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