Joe MacKechnie

Born in Petersburg Alaska, Joe grew up in the Pacific Northwest. As an engineering graduate of the University of Washington, Joe worked as a computer network design engineer in the Seattle area for many years.  Following retirement, Joe has pursued a career in fine art, and is accomplished in many mediums, styles and techniques.

Joe is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, Northwest Watercolor Society, Northwest Pastel Society, and the Puget Sound Group of NW Artists.  He is a member of the Portrait Society of America, the Oil Painters of America and has served as president of both the Eastside Association of Fine Arts and the Puget Sound Group of NW Artists. 

Currently Joe’s art is in several local galleries in the Seattle area and Alaska, and he has had his works in the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio and the National Arts Club, Grand Gallery in New York, NY.  Joe has won many local and national art awards and has been featured in Southwest Art magazine, American Art Collector magazine and Strokes of Genius.

As an instructor of art workshops locally and in Europe, Joe’s ability to combine right and left brain techniques in his teaching sets him apart from many.  He boldly tries new styles, ways to use each medium, and continues to develop his many skill sets.  Joe guides each student along their artistic journey in an encouraging and motivating way.

From Joe:

“In recent years my advancement in fine art has been focused on developing my skills in drawing and painting through practice and teaching. For me, art is a language for making visible my creative visions.  My goal is to continue to expand my understanding of artistic techniques so they become the natural tools for self-expression and storytelling.

“The world provides me with an infinite source of inspiration. Everything I see are potential subjects for my art through the mediums of graphite, ink, pastel and paint. My purpose is to isolate, depict and capture the essence of a subject or scene. I seek qualities that are elusive, difficult to depict and portray. Painting for me is about sharing my view as I witness and savor the visual moment.”