Painting Captivating Waterscapes in Acrylic or Oil
w/ David Marty

Date / Time: Saturday- Sunday / May 4-5 / 10:30-4:30

Cost: $250

Registration: Call in, come in, or register online. 425.697.2787

Location: Cole Art Studio, located on the lower level of Cole Gallery. 107 5th Ave S, Edmonds WA 98020

Painting waterscapes! - certainly an intriguing subject because water takes so many beautiful forms, and definitely one of the more challenging subjects to paint convincingly.  In this 2-day workshop, you will explore painting water with experienced painter and instructor, David Marty. We'll study methods of painting some various forms that water can take in paintings:

●       still water and reflections

●       water in motion

●       ocean surf

 How to paint water is a problem many artists struggle with in their work.  Dave will share with you how to simplify a few common water scenarios with demonstrations of each, and then assist you in your own paintings.  The emphasis will be on producing smaller studies to gain more confidence in working with water.  So, you’ll need to bring 3 to 4 panels, ranging from 6x8” to 9x12”.  Dave will provide photo reference material to work from.

 David will be painting in oils, but students may work in oils or acrylics.  Acrylic artists are encouraged to use retarding medium and/or mix in open acrylics to extend drying time.  Some painting experience will be helpful but the workshop is open to all levels.

 Join us and discover how to portray water more convincingly! 

Supply List:

You can purchase your quality art supplies at ARTspot! Registered students receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies from the time of paid registration until the last day of class. Most items on this list are available at ARTspot. Please let their staff advise you about appropriate art materials to fulfill  requirements for your class.  Artspot's Web Site

Paints Recommended - good quality professional brand such as Gamblin or a similar high-quality artist grade paint
Titanium White
Cadmium Yellow Light
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Red Light
Alizarin Crimson
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue or Phthalo Blue
Viridian or Phthalo Green
Sap Green
Burnt Sienna

Note for Oil Painters – As an alternative to purchasing individual paints, you can purchase an oil paint set instead, such as the Georgian Oil Color 10 tube Introduction Set by Daler-Rowney (or equivalent).
Students new to oil painting will find that this introductory set contains the appropriate colors necessary to begin experimenting. The set contains ten tubes of 22ml Georgian oil colors including burnt sienna, cadmium red hue, cadmium yellow hue, crimson alizarin, French ultramarine blue, lamp black, lemon yellow, sap green, titanium white and yellow ochre.

 For Oil Painters – Mediums (acrylic painters will not need to purchase mediums)

Only odorless Mineral Spirits such as Gamsol by Gamblin and an airtight container

(Note: no stinky mediums or solvents allowed, and no Liquin.)

Palette - Disposable paper palettes or a wood, plastic or glass palette

Flats and/or Brights - sizes #2, 4, 6, 8
Small Round  - #2

Palette Knifes
1 small (~1 1/4”)
1 larger (~3”) pointed trowel shaped

Canvas Panels
Bring 3-4 canvas panels or stretched canvas ranging from 6x8” to 9x12”

 Misc. Items
Reference photo if you would like to use your own.  Dave will also provide photos.
Portable Easel - Small table top model or free standing model (Cole has a number of these.  Call to reserve one.)
Paper towels
Plastic bags for trash 
Acrylic painters:  bring a spray water bottle and an extender to slow the paint drying time.

Don’t forget something to bring your paintings home in!

Questions about these supplies? ARTspot staff are happy to help you. Call 425-640-6408 or email at