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"Light and Reflection in Watercolor" w/ Ron Stocke

DATE/TIME:  April 26 & 27  10:30-4:30. 

COST:  $195 

REGISTRATION:  Sorry, this workshop has reached capacity. Please consider another one of our great offerings.

LOCATION:  Cole Art Studio located on the lower level of Cole Gallery.  107 5th Ave. S., Edmonds  98020

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Pacific Northwest Watercolorist Ron Stocke will show you how to capture luminous light and beautiful reflections in an exciting way.  On day one, Ron will demonstrate how to achieve dramatic sunlight in your paintings by using vivid color and high key contrasts. Day two will be all about capturing the Pacific Northwest. The class will switch it’s focus to wet streets and reflections. Ron will show students his techniques on how to paint believable reflections on different surfaces. Ron will also cover some simple drawing details that will help you simplify shapes and make your paintings look more connected as well as color choices that create better harmony in your paintings.  Sign up for both days to get the most benefit!!

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You can pick up all your great art supplies at ARTspot in Edmonds just blocks from Cole Gallery.  Registered Cole Art Studio students will receive a 10% discount on all their art supplies.  Make sure to pick up your 10% off slip at Cole Gallery's front desk.
Artspot's Web Site

Colors in a Professional Brand like M Graham, Daniel Smith or Windsor Newton (Ron uses M Graham):
Ultramarine Blue
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre
Cad Yellow Lt
Cerulean Blue
Alizarin Crimson
Dioxazine Purple
Cad Red Lt
Sap Green

Specialty Colors:
Maroon Perylene
Azo Orange
Cobalt Teal

Any Large round & Flat brushes
I paint with a Large quill size 12, 10, 7
Rounds, 12, 10

Specialty brushes:
Dagger, rigger, scrubber (Connoisseur is a brand you can find at the Art Spot)

Arches, Sanders, Fabriano 140CP
Each student should have 2 full sheets

I paint on an easel so if students want to paint flat, bring gator board, painting board.