“Pastels on Metal, Paper and Boards- Exploring the Possibilities” w/Amanda Houston

DATE/TIME: Saturday / Feb. 6 / 10:30-5:30pm

COST: $150 + $35 supply fee to instructor


Explore the possibilities of painting with Pastels on various surfaces. Find what suits you best. Try out different techniques on different surfaces. From underpainting on sanded papers, to preparing your own boards. Even try metal!

Artist and instructor Amanda Houston, known for her charming bird and glorious landscapes in pastel on copper, will walk you through the various techniques that work best on each surface. Learn her tricks and tips. You will create a number of small experimental pieces in just one day.

Previous experience helpful but not necessary.

We will be exploring painting with pastels on a number of different surfaces since they are all different. Please bring as many pastels as you have as well as a range of photographs that you would like to paint. Remember to keep the photo inspirations simple. You will have a more successful painting if you keep it simple.


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  • 60-100 Soft pastels: As many as you have. If you don't have any buy at least a 60-80 piece (half stick) landscape or intro set such as:
  • Sennelier- 80 half stick or similar good quality soft pastel set
  • Hard Pastels: Nupastel Set of 12 or preferably 24


PAPER: (There are so many pastel papers to choose from now. This class will allow you to experiment on a few different kinds. I have selected the ones I like. Ultimately you will find the one that works best for you.)

  • 1 med-small sheet of PastelMat: White (if you cannot locate this, Amanda will have paper to sell students for $2.00 each) 


  • 1 - 9x12 or similar size Art Alternative MDF board (Hard board panels)

Copper will be supplied for you.

Misc. Supplies:

  • Exacto Knife or straight edge to cut (by Olfa)
  • Sketchbook: Small personal sketchbook
  • Selection of pencils: HB, 4B, 6B
  • Artist tape 3/4"-1"
  • Paper towels (I like Viva, but any will do)
  • 1" small cheap brush
  • View finder
  • Photo references to bring for subjects inspiration of what you want to paint
  • Wet wipes
  • Small roller for rolling medium on surfaces

For the $35 supply fee (please bring cash or a check to the instructor), the instructor will provide copper sheets, medium, roller and sandpaper, as well as lecture, demo and hands-on guidance. She will have extra supplies if people want to purchase more from her.

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